Exceed ICT & 4K Solutions® Partnership

Exceed ICT & 4K Solutions® Partnership
Future Technology - 7 March, 2023

Exceed ICT & 4K Solutions® Partnership

Exceed ICT has been appointed by 4K Solutions® as the Australian and New Zealand distributor of their solutions.

This is a significant development for the region. Exceed ICT has a proven track record of providing innovative ICT solutions to Australian businesses and government organisations, and the appointment by 4K Solutions® will add a new range of market leading, high quality, and Rapidly Deployable 5G/4G Pop-up Networking solutions to Exceed ICT’s existing suite of ICT Solutions.

4K Solutions® specialises in providing IT and communication solutions to various US government agencies. The company has extensive experience in delivering secure and reliable IT solutions, and its partnership with Exceed ICT will allow the Australian and New Zealand markets to leverage the many benefits of 4K Solutions® kits.

This appointment is an excellent opportunity to introduce 4K Solutions® high quality kits to the Australian and New Zealand markets. Exceed ICT already delivers a range of professional services, managed services, and solutions, across the networks, mobility, and IoT domains. The introduction of 4K Solutions® range of kits bolsters Exceed ICT’s existing business strategy to connect more Organisations, Businesses, people, places, and things with LTE and 5G for an enterprise Wireless WAN.

This partnership will support growth and expand market presence in all verticals. With 4K Solutions®’s high quality kits and extensive experience and knowledge in providing IT and communication solutions, Exceed ICT can offer a more comprehensive range of services and products that cater to the specific needs of Australian and New Zealand businesses and government organisations.

Benefits to Australian & New Zealand Organisations

In today’s environment, Businesses and Organisations must contend with many threats, none more dangerous than cybersecurity threats and natural disasters. These are a critical concern for all organisations and having a partner like Exceed ICT, can help ensure that businesses and government organisations have the necessary tools and expertise to mitigate these risks.

Connectivity is the enabler to everything else. You don’t realise how much you need it, until you don’t have it. Exceed ICT and 4K Solutions®, allow Businesses and Organisations to bolster their Disaster Recovery plans and kits, by providing “instant connectivity” as and when they need it. Simply open the box, flick the switch and you are online. Deploy for temporary sites, deploy for back up, or deploy in emergency situations.

4K Solutions® has been designing and delivering kits since 2011 and has a reputation for dependability, honesty, and quality. Over 3,200 of their Mobile Broadband Kits (MBK™) have been delivered to the US Army, along with countless other entities across the globe. This partnership with Exceed ICT means Australian and New Zealand organisations can access the latest technology solutions that can help keep them connected and enhance their operations.

Exceed ICT has a strong presence in Australia, while 4K Solutions® has a considerable footprint in the US, UK and other markets. The partnership will allow both companies to access new markets, expand their reach, and grow their businesses.

If you would like to know more or would like to discuss how your Business or Organisation can benefit from this technology, please reach out sales@exceedict.com

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