Procuring, staging and configuration, device deployment, and managing large fleets of devices can be difficult, costly and time consuming.


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We make complex simple

Whether it be an existing fleet refresh or a brand new Greenfields deployment, the team at Exceed ICT have you covered. From smartphones to tablets, to sensors to smart bins or any IoT device, we can stage, configure and deliver ready for use!


Where, and how, will the hardware be procured?


Where, and how, will the hardware be securely stored?


How can you maximise your hardware investment ensuring rapid deployment and maximum uptime?

Device Staging and Configuration.

Whether it be a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, an asset tracker, a router, a gateway, a Drone or an IoT sensor, why not let Exceed ICT supply, store, stage and deliver it for you, all under a carefully planned and executed project.

You see, the team at Exceed have coordinated numerous large scale and critical deployments, and WE THRIVE ON COMPLEXITY.
We have a custom built, secure facility where all the magic happens.

We start by understanding the business objectives, end-user experience and geographical span of your deployment.

Whether that encompasses:

  • New hardware deployment or existing hardware refresh 
  • New lease deployment or end of lease exchange
  • Specific use case deployment i.e. IoT sensors, trackers.
  • Asset tagging
  • Installing standard or custom accessories (i.e. Screen protector)
  • Updating device firmware
  • Testing for successful enrolment and hardware Dead on Arrival (DOA)
  • Dispatch to individual user locations
  • Dispatch to customer major hub locations
  • Deployment via on-site kiosk


For all of that plus more,

Exceed ICT has you covered.

Our Project Managers will work with you to formulate a deployment schedule that works for your Organisation.

Take it one step further and gain full visibility of the WHAT, WHO and WHEN on your assets with our highly secure, highly available cloud platform called Aspect – asset management made easy by Exceed ICT.

Talk to us now about your NEXT PROJECT

or how we can support your ongoing hardware deployment requirements through our MANAGED SERVICES offerings.

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