Just a QR code.

Easily connects with inception/integriti*



Full advanced features. More sections. More Groups. More Intercom Operators. More Options – Navigation Panel/Intercom Keypad.

Advanced system for enterprise, corporate, government & education. Easily connects with inception/integriti*

QR Video Intercom System

No hardware. No wires. No Power. No Batteries. No App download (visitor). No worries

How QR Video Intercom works for the visitor?

Scan QR code with smartphone - no app required (iPhone/Android)*

*iOS 12 or later – calling is compatible with native Safari browser
(or) Android 7 or later – calling is compatible with native Chrome browser
*AES-128 bit media encryption (Peer to Peer)

QR Video Intercom System

How QR Video Intercom works for you?

Answer/Manage calls on your smartphone (iPhone/Android)* or PC

*iOS 12 or later, Android 7 or later (some older/less popular phones may not be compatible).

*AES-128 bit media encryption (Peer to Peer)

*2FA PC Admin access for enhanced security

QR Video Intercom System

Video Intercom PRO

Cloud intercom system with live assistance, self-help, web-apps, scalability, and access control integration*

Starting at

$ Contact Us / QR Intercom

36 month (or) 60 month subscription
installation & set-up not included

Additional Connectors Available**

* Plans are upgradeable - expand all modules as required
* Additional costs apply

QR Video Intercom System

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QR Video Intercom


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