Ashley Heron

Ashley Heron

Chief Information Officer & Chief Financial Officer

I have spent 16 years in the ICT industry working with clients across all industry verticals, from Small Medium-sized Businesses all the way through to Enterprise & Government.


As the Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Exceed ICT, Ashley brings a robust blend of technological acumen and financial insight to the forefront of our operations. With nearly two decades of experience in the ICT industry, his journey encompasses a comprehensive spectrum of roles from business development and consulting to advanced technology implementations across all industry verticals, including Small Medium-sized Businesses, Enterprises, and Government sectors.

Ashley's expertise is not just confined to a single aspect of ICT; it spans across Business Development, Application Design & Deployment, Network Design including MPLS & SD-WAN, Enterprise Mobility, Project Delivery across Network, UC, and Mobility, Managed Services, Unified Communications, Vehicle Tracking, Telecommunications Expense Management, and IoT. This diverse technological background is complemented by his strategic financial leadership, providing Exceed ICT with a dual advantage in navigating the complex interplay between technology investments and financial health.

In 2019, Ashley founded Exceed ICT with a vision to transform it into the ICT partner of choice. His mission was clear: to create true value and insights for our clients through innovative platforms, technology, advice, and personalised service. As CIO and CFO, Ashley's role is pivotal in steering the company's technology strategy while ensuring financial strategies are aligned with our long-term goals and operational needs.

Ashley's approach combines a deep understanding of technology's potential to drive business outcomes with a rigorous financial perspective. This unique combination enables him to oversee our technology landscape, ensuring it is not only cutting-edge but also economically viable and strategically aligned with our business objectives.

Under his guidance, Exceed ICT is poised to not only meet the current technological needs of our clients but also anticipate future trends, ensuring sustainable growth and innovation. Ashley's leadership in integrating our financial and technological strategies ensures we remain adaptable, efficient, and ahead of the curve.

Ashley is deeply committed to leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiencies, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional value to our clients. His vision for Exceed ICT is one where technology and finance converge to create a resilient, forward-thinking company that stands as a pillar of innovation and trusted partnership in the ICT sector.