Core Values

Growing our customers’ business, grows our business

At Exceed ICT we focus on the customer, help them improve operational efficiencies, gain that competitive edge over their competitors, and ultimately help them grow. When we help our customers grow, this in turn grows our Business also.
A growing Business is a thriving business!


Integrity- be transparent, honest & ethical in everything you do


This one is simple. We act with integrity and honesty at all times, for the benefit of our customers and team members. It’s a non-negotiable! It’s about being honest, promoting trust and keeping your word, even when it’s hard.
Integrity is defined in our core values as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that unify us as an undivided team”.
This means that every task, every conversation, and every learning opportunity is met with honesty and the desire to do what is right. It is only through the individual integrity of each team member that we are able to uphold our reputation of being a business that has integrity.
Integrity in the workplace is essential to Exceed ICT. It creates a positive culture of open communication and gives us a strong moral guideline for all of our decisions. When you have integrity, you will gain trust and respect from the people around you. Simply put, organisations known for their integrity perform better.

What type of customer wants to deal with an organisation that doesn’t uphold their word? You know the answer.
Smart customers do business with organisations that can be trusted to follow through on agreements and whose team members have character.




At Exceed ICT we define professionalism as “the quality of how we show up to exceed standards, for our partners, our customers and our fellow team members. The professionalism we expect from our team is a collection of traits that put together make up an exceptional team member, and in turn, a successful company. These traits include reliability, competence, attention to detail, dependability, respect, and the last core value we discussed – integrity.

When these traits come together, they create something that is undeniably recognisable. Exceed ICT expects this level of professionalism from all of our team members. We put a lot of stock in hiring the right people and training them to not only do their jobs well but to demonstrate this core value in their work and at home. When we practice professionalism on the job it is passed to our customers and ultimately, our community.


Prevention is the best cure!

At Exceed ICT we believe ATD (Attention to Detail) is key. It is a far greater experience for all (and more cost-effective) to get the job done right the first time.
Take the time, the read, think and understand before taking action, accuracy leads to quality outcomes.


Love what you do and have fun!

Our people are deeply passionate about what they do. They bring their energy and expertise to work each day, taking ownership, showing commitment, and oozing positive vibes that are contagious to everyone around them.


Passionate about better ways of working

Just because we do things a certain way now, it doesn’t mean this is the best or only way. It just means we haven’t found a better way yet.
At Exceed ICT we have an open door, creative, ideas driven business, where team members are encouraged to respectfully challenge the status quo, and suggest new and improved ways of working.

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