Power of Internet of Things (IoT)

Get the power to better inform and automate your processes When harnessed correctly, This can be extremely powerful.

However, as Internet of Things continues to evolve more and more Solutions are entering the market making it difficult for customers to know how best to manage a multi device, multi-technology and multi-platform environment.

EXCEED ICT can bring it all together for you under a single view, allowing you to simplify and gain more insights. Below are just some of the platforms that EXCEED ICT can set up and or manage for you:


  • The Internet of Things offers unprecedented, data-driven insights across your business, giving you the power to better inform and automate your processes
  • Visibility like never before has the power to transform decision-making and optimise your business so you can respond, adapt and predict the changing needs of your customers and your business
IoT - Internet of things
IoT - Internet of things

Vehicle Telematics

Harness fleet asset data for efficiency, cost control, and safety.

IoT Solutions

Vehicle Telematics

Insights that can change everything.

  • Productivity
  • Optimisation
  • Safety
  • Compliance

Keyless Entry

Game Changing for Fleet Management.

  • Secure
  • Seamless integration
  • Scalable

Waste Intelligence

Changing the way we manage waste

  • Public spaces
  • Residential
  • Commercial

Telstra Track and Monitor

Turn asset Tracking data into Decisions

  • Range of IoT asset Tracking Devices
  • Web portal
  • Extensive Network

Cisco Control Centre

Go faster with Cisco IoT Connectivity Management

  • Connected Cars
  • Smart Meters
  • Home Security & Automation
  • and more

Ready to see how This can change the game for you?

Get the insights to help your Organisation improve operational efficiencies, reduce overheads and help the environment. 

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