New Adaptive Networks by Telstra Enterprise

New Adaptive Networks by Telstra Enterprise
Adaptive Network - 13 January, 2022

Adaptive Networks


Your network is more than just a network

It’s your force for productivity as teams collaborate in the cloud.

It’s your revenue driver as you serve customers digitally (and your forcefield to protect those transactions from security threats).

It’s your springboard for innovation – be it AI, automation or the Internet of Things.

And when it can help you adapt to challenges and opportunity at pace, it’s also your rocket ship to thrive.


How is Adaptive Networks different?


Flexible Telstra Adaptive Networks


We’ve unbundled access from connectivity services, so you can easily add, remove or move between MPLS or internet services.


Scalable Adaptive Networks


Modular connectivity lets you scale up or down, or move bandwidth between services.


no lock in contracts

No lock-in contracts

You’ve got choice of easy month to month, no lock-in contracts or a commitment term that suits your needs while retaining flexibility.



Flexible connectivity on Telstra Adaptive Networks



Flexible connectivity

We’ve unbundled access from connectivity, and made connectivity options modular. So you have the flexibility to add, remove or change your Internet or Business IP service over existing access.






Bandwidth to scale - Telstra Adaptive Networks



Bandwidth to scale

Scale bandwidth to adapt to your changing business needs and establish secure fast connections to cloud services.







Consume your way - Telstra Adaptive Network


Consume your way

We’ve introduced month-to-month agreements on connectivity services alongside longer term options. So you could tailor your set up to meet both your commercial or seasonal needs.






no lock in contracts - Telstra Adaptive Network


Option for no lock in contracts

You now have the flexibility to control your business needs as it changes. We provide a choice of easy month-to-month, ‘no lock-in’ contracts or you can commit to a term. Choose the option that suits your business needs.





Network Resilience in Telstra Adaptive Network


Network Resilience

Multiple back up and reliance options including leveraging Australia’s largest mobile network, with greater reliability and faster speeds in more places, while your Telstra fiber service is being connected.




Floating price

Floating Price - Telstra Adaptive Networks


When designing the commercial model for Adaptive Networks, our research showed that customers often felt their pricing was not in line with market rates during the final years of their contract term. With that in mind, we created Adaptive Networks with a floating price concept. This means that: 

  • From time-to-time Telstra will adjust the pricing of Adaptive Networks products to ensure it’s in line with shifts in the market.
  • Any downward changes to the price lists automatically flow through to ALL customers on the platform, regardless of the contract status. This ensures the entire base receives the benefit of any price changes, not just those customers who have taken up the latest in-market plan.  The concept will also apply to product enhancements.   If there is an increase in the price list, we will notify you and let you know you’re options at the time.  
  • We can help ensure that our customers are receiving a competitive price.   
  • Any contracted discounts will come off the new price lists.  
  • Contracts for individual services are either on a month-to-month basis with no early termination fees or for a set term with minimum spend conditions.



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