Waste Intelligence Solutions

Waste Intelligence Solutions

From data, to insights, to action.

  • Using real-time data intelligence, our sensors and software help Smart Cities and Councils to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and transition their community to a low-waste, circular economy.
  • Our residential bin sensors and home user Apps give households the ability to track their waste output and make simple yet impactful changes to their buying, consumption and recycling habits.
  • Our commercial solution and software provides the insights to better manage waste across large commercial spaces and prepare business for their role in a low-waste future.

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Our impact.

Our impact vision is to enable people globally to leave a lighter footprint on the planet.

We aim to achieve this by providing the data needed to draw attention to the impact of human behaviour, support systematic pathways for change and accelerate the transition to a circular waste economy.


Matter empowers people and communities to track, manage and reduce their waste footprint