Exceed ICT Acquisition Announcement

Exceed ICT Acquisition Announcement
Tech - 19 November, 2021

Brisbane based Exceed ICT has acquired one of Telstra’s longest standing Business and Enterprise partners, MG Corporate, for an undisclosed sum.

Exceed ICT Acquisition Announcement of being Telstra Enterprise Partner in Brisbane

This acquisition is part of Exceed ICT’s strategy to become Australia’s largest growing innovator, integrator, and service delivery partner for Telstra by 2025.

The acquisition strengthens Exceed ICT’s IoT, communications & 5G business, coinciding with the phase two launch of their platform, Aspect; an end-to-end procurement, provisioning, asset management and expense analytics portal for Business, Enterprise, Government and not-for-profit organisations.

“We’ve been in business as a Telstra Partner since 1992, having the privilege of making Business Communications, Print, IT Managed Services and Support simple for our valued customers.
After 29 years of heritage as a Telstra partner – this move serves to increase the exposure of Telstra and put the right tools into the hands of the right people. Exceed ICT has the same single-line commitment to customer service as MG Corporate, so it is a perfect fit.

Finding the right buyer was important to us; to know they would have the right capability and attitude to support our customers now and well into the future, which is why we were so pleased to meet the Directors of Exceed ICT. From the outset, their passion and commitment to their customers was clear. The fact that they hold extensive, long-term history in the Telstra channel spanning two decades with proven track records, made the decision to sell to them easy.” said Founder and Director of MG Corporate, Stephen Quaill.

“We are excited to extend our support and capability to Telstra, and their customers, through this acquisition. Our people at Exceed ICT are truly what sets us apart and we are excited to supercharge the digital transformation of our clients, in partnership with Telstra. In a world where the goal posts are constantly changing, especially when it comes to technology, we believe Telstra and their customers will benefit greatly from our cloud-based tools and integrating, cutting-edge tech, all underpinned by good old-fashioned personalised service.” said Luke Wadeson, Director at Exceed ICT.

Founded in 2019 by Ashley Heron, Exceed ICT provides Professional and Managed Services across Data Networks, Mobility and IoT solutions. Exceed ICT’s unique, cloud-based platforms offer Business, Enterprise, Government and not-for-profit customers visibility, insights and support across these pillars; allowing clients to make rapid but informed decisions in an ever-changing environment.

The team at Exceed ICT also specialise in large-scale fleet deployments and ongoing service, asset, and lifecycle management; offering their clients business continuity and hardware investment optimisation and allowing organisations to focus on important strategic initiatives.

“Having a reliable and robust service means having the right hardware and support services that leverage reliable carriage services, which is why we have partnered with Telstra, Australia’s leading telco. We believe Telstra is much more than just a telco; they are a thought-leader, who have consistently pioneered and led the way in technology from 2G to 3G to 4G, and now again leading the way with game-changing 5G.” said Mylie Moore, Director at Exceed ICT.

“Customers appreciate collaboration, transparency and visibility which is why, at Exceed ICT, we have a big focus on communications and ensuring that our partners and customers have on-demand access to the right information at the right time. We see this acquisition as providing the best of both worlds for customers. They get the best and most reliable carrier in Australia coupled with a dedicated specialist partner to streamline the delivery and support of business-critical services.” said Ashley Heron, Founder & Director at Exceed ICT.

Telstra Enterprise Partner: This refers to a partnership program where Telstra collaborates with other businesses to deliver comprehensive telecommunication solutions to enterprise customers. These partners work closely with Telstra to offer their expertise and services to meet the specific needs of enterprise clients.

Telstra Enterprise Mobility: Telstra offers enterprise mobility solutions that cater to the mobile communication needs of businesses. This includes services such as mobile plans, devices, mobile device management (MDM), and other solutions to enhance productivity and connectivity for enterprises.

Telstra Mobility Managed Services: This refers to Telstra’s managed services offering in the mobility space. Telstra manages and supports the mobility infrastructure and services for businesses, ensuring smooth operations, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance for their mobility solutions.

Telstra Expense Management: Telstra provides expense management services to help businesses monitor and control their telecommunication expenses. This includes tools, reporting systems, and support to track and optimize telecommunications spending, ensuring cost efficiency for the enterprise.

Telstra Fleet Optimization and Asset Management: Telstra offers solutions to manage and optimize enterprise fleets and assets through telecommunications technology. This may involve tracking, monitoring, and managing vehicles, equipment, or other assets using connectivity and data-driven insights to improve operational efficiency and asset utilization.

Telstra Adaptive Mobility: This refers to Telstra’s mobility solutions that adapt to the changing needs of businesses. It may include services like flexible mobile plans, scalable infrastructure, and customizable mobility solutions to meet the evolving requirements of enterprises.

Telstra Enterprise Wireless: Telstra provides wireless networking solutions for businesses, enabling seamless connectivity and high-speed data transmission within enterprise premises. This includes Wi-Fi infrastructure, access points, network management, and security services tailored for enterprise environments.

Telstra Track and Monitor: Telstra offers tracking and monitoring services for assets, vehicles, or other objects using telecommunications technology. This enables businesses to keep track of their assets in real-time, ensuring security, operational efficiency, and location-based insights.


Different types of Telstra Partners

Telstra has various types of Partners, including Telstra Business Technology Centres (TBTCs), Telstra Business Accredited Partners, Telstra Enterprise Partners, and Telstra Wholesale Partners. Each type of Partner specializes in different areas and serves specific customer segments.

Accreditation levels: Telstra Partners have different accreditation levels based on their expertise and the services they provide. The accreditation levels include Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These levels indicate the Partner’s proficiency, experience, and ability to deliver high-quality solutions to customers.

Telstra Accredited Partner – Security: Telstra recognizes certain partners as Accredited Partners in Security, indicating their expertise in delivering security solutions. These partners have demonstrated knowledge and experience in providing robust security services and solutions in collaboration with Telstra.

Telstra 5G Partner: This refers to Telstra’s partnership program with businesses that specialize in 5G technology. As a 5G partner, these businesses collaborate with Telstra to deliver advanced 5G solutions and services to enterprise customers.

Telstra Global Partner: Telstra collaborates with global partners to extend its services and solutions to international markets. This partnership program enables Telstra to provide seamless telecommunications solutions to multinational enterprises and expand its reach globally.

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