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Frequently asked questions

The Team at Exceed ICT have Long Term Industry Experience.

  • What sorts of devices can you stage & configure?

    We can supply, set-up & deploy the following device types:

    > Android
    > Apple
    > Windows
    > IoT Devices e.g. LoRaWan

    Have something else you need configured? Reach out and let's have a chat!

  • What sort of Projects can your team manage?

    We have experience and expertise across:

    > Data & IP
    > Network rollouts
    > Major fleet deployments for Android, IOS & Windows 10 devices
    > Digital transformation projects.

    > IoT Deployments

    Do you need help with something else? Why not reach out for a chat.

  • What sort of consulting services do you provide?

    > Technology advice
    > Fleet deployments
    > App development
    > Enterprise Architecture & Strategy

  • What types of customers do you provide managed services to?

    > We service the Business, Enterprise & Government sector.

    > Fleet sizes range from 100  through to 50,000 services/devices

  • What MDM/UEM platforms do you have expertise in?

    EXCEED ICT's Engineers are experienced across all major MDM/UEM platforms, however the two we focus on are:

    > Microsoft Intune

    > VMware Work space ONE