Telstra Enterprise Mobility Managed Services by EXCEED ICT

Telstra Enterprise Mobility Managed Services by EXCEED ICT
4K Solutions - 4 September, 2023

What is Mobility Managed Services?

Mobility Managed ServicesMobility Managed Services refers to a comprehensive solution designed to optimise and streamline the management of a mobile workforce’s devices, applications, and data within an organisation. In today’s business landscape, where employees often work remotely or on the go, Mobility Managed Services provide strategic support and technical assistance to ensure smooth operations while maintaining security and efficiency.

Enterprise Mobility Managed Service

The Enterprise Mobility Managed Service Modular presents a suite of managed services designed to deliver connectivity, integration, visibility, and endpoint protection. This comprehensive package shields your endpoints, applications, and critical data, all at a predictable, service-based pricing model that grants you cost control and scalability.

Explore the Features:

  • Unified Endpoint Management: Our dedicated help desk supports end users, managing platforms and licences according to agreed service levels.
  • Endpoint Lifecycle Management: Liberate your IT team to focus on strategic projects by delegating device procurement, allocation, deployment, repair, and replacement to us.
  • Endpoint Security: Safeguard your data, apps, brand, and people by detecting, preventing, and mitigating security threats under our expert guidance.
  • Technical Consulting: Access specialised mobility experts for scheduled solution architecture, analysis, design, and engineering services to build, configure, and troubleshoot.
  • Usage Management: Gain insights into data content across endpoints to optimise usage and costs effectively.
  • Workplace Advisory Service: Navigate the Telstra technology ecosystem with ease. We offer guidance through your workplace journey, supporting your strategic objectives with design health checks and industry insights.
  • Protecting Data with Endpoint Security: Safeguard your data on compatible mobile devices with our Endpoint Security solution.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • 24/7 Workforce Security: Empower your staff with flexible, secure access to company resources while reducing compliance enforcement efforts.
  • Streamlined Mobility Management: Elevate business performance by boosting the productivity of your mobile workforce and relieving IT of the burdens of managing an evolving mobility landscape.
  • Tailored Service Selection: Craft a solution aligned with your needs by selecting the necessary service modules.
  • Cost Control: Maximise efficiency through economies of scale and skill, making informed decisions backed by valuable business insights.

Implementing Mobility Managed Services: Key Considerations

Needs Assessment and Strategy Development

Before adopting Mobility Managed Services, businesses must conduct a thorough needs assessment. This involves evaluating the specific mobility requirements of the organisation, including the types of devices used and the nature of applications accessed remotely. Based on this assessment, a comprehensive mobility strategy can be developed.

Vendor Selection

Choosing the right vendor is pivotal to the success of Mobility Managed Services implementation. It’s essential to partner with a provider that aligns with the organisation’s goals, has a proven track record in delivering such services, and offers customizable solutions.

Data Security and Compliance

Data security is a critical concern when implementing Mobility Managed Services. Organisations must ensure that the chosen services adhere to industry-specific regulations and compliance standards. Robust encryption, secure data storage, and regular security audits are essential components.

User Training and Support

Transitioning to Mobility Managed Services requires proper training and support for employees. User education sessions should cover best practices for mobile device usage, data access, and security protocols. Ongoing support ensures that employees can effectively leverage the services.

How does it works:

The Enterprise Mobility Managed Service Modular offers independent service modules, ensuring flexibility, avoiding duplication, cost control, and rapid scalability.

Our consulting and professional services delve into your business requirements, benchmark mobile maturity, and craft a future-proof mobility strategy. We design, project-manage, and implement technology and security platforms to align with your goals.

Why Choose Telstra:

  • Expert Design and Implementation: We guide you through designing and implementing a tailored solution to meet your unique business needs.
  • Comprehensive Mobility Partner: Access premier mobility tools, partners, networks, and expertise all in one place for seamless IT management.
  • Co-Creation for Success: Partner with Telstra for end-to-end solution design, supply, and support, relieving you of touchpoint management.
  • Embark on Your Mobility Journey: Request a Callback: Register now, and our solution experts will promptly connect with you to kick-start your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Mobility Managed Services enhance business agility?

Mobility Managed Services empower employees to access vital resources and information on-the-go, enabling quicker decision-making and response times. This agility is crucial in the dynamic business landscape.

Can small businesses benefit from Mobility Managed Services?

Absolutel Mobility Managed Services offer scalability, cost-efficiency, and enhanced productivity, making them advantageous for businesses of all sizes.

What role does cloud technology play in these services?

Cloud technology is central to Mobility Managed Services, as it enables secure data storage, seamless collaboration, and remote access to applications and resources.

Are Mobility Managed Services only for remote work?

While they are instrumental in facilitating remote work, Mobility Managed Services also enhance in-house operations by providing employees with flexible access to resources within the workplace.

How can businesses ensure the security of mobile devices?

Mobility Managed Services employ various security measures, including encryption, secure authentication, and remote device management, to safeguard mobile devices and the data they contain.

What kind of ROI can businesses expect from these services?

The ROI of Mobility Managed Services varies depending on factors such as the size of the organisation, the extent of services adopted, and the improvements in productivity and efficiency. However, many businesses experience substantial returns through reduced operational costs and enhanced employee performance.

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Mobility Managed Services have emerged as a transformative solution for businesses seeking to harness the power of mobility while maintaining security and efficiency. From optimising workflows to enabling real-time collaboration, these services have a far-reaching impact on modern enterprises. By embracing Mobility Managed Services, organisations position themselves at the forefront of innovation and competitive advantage.

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